Robert Beauvais Insurance Services
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Victoria, BC  V8V 3G2

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At Robert Beauvais Insurance Services, we are committed to deliver innovative and affordable solutions. Besides our long term dedication, we continue to treat our clients with courtesy, understanding and integrity. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics has built up confidence and trust.

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Robert Beauvais insurance Services Financial Planning

​​ Our Commitment

​​  Innovative and cost effective Solutions 

​​Getting to know us

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, we provide Insurance, Investment and Financial Planning Services to Individuals and Small Businesses. 

Licensed across British Columbia as Insurance Agent and Broker, we research on behalf of our clients, the best combination of strategies and values in the marketplace.

In association with our BC and Canadian Partners, we work with a wide selection of  Insurance Providers, including several Specialty and Niche Insurance Facilities.